Hugo e Inés-Cuentos Pequeños

Hugo e Inés


Cuentos Pequeños 

La compañía peruana “Hugo e Inés” fundada en 1986 por Hugo Suarez e Ines Passic ha recorrido el mundo  presentándose en infinidad de festivales de teatro, mimo y títeres,
con espectáculos de creación propia  que combinan el mimo con el teatro de figuras.

Desde 1989 ellos exploran  las posibilidades expresivas de cada parte diferente del cuerpo:  el pie, la rodilla, el vientre, el rostro, el codo, etc, conformando muñecos de carne y hueso y dando vida a personajes sorprendentes. La reseña de criticas que les presentamos  no deja lugar a dudas: Hugo e Ines es hoy una de las compañías más aclamadas del género.

El segmento de video que les presentamos pertenece al espectáculo  “Cuentos pequeños”  el que -como ellos mismos dicen- es  “un desfile pintoresco de divertidos personajes que, en los breves momentos de su existencia sobre la escena, pretenden atrapar aquellos pequeños momentos poéticos que se encuentran escondidos en la vida diaria. Estos personajes, con sus sueños y frustraciones, con sus éxitos y fracasos, nos narran el eterno drama de la tragicomedia humana… “  Hoy, con todo gusto, abrimos la página web del Centro Pareja al Sr Piédichi.

Teatro Hugo e Ines

Dirección: Los Laureles 701 Lima 08 – Perú

Teléfono: Tel: +51 1 4971421





One might think that the hands’ range of expression was limited. But the deft fingers of Hugo & Ines curl and stretch to create an amazing cast of characters in “Ginocchio”. …One can imagine their lives as a steady series of what-ifs, out of which have tumbled several unforgettable creatures created with their own expressive bodies and a few very simple props.  –  Jennifer Dunning, The Arts – New York Times.


These  illusionists are sly magicians at a basic, spartan, infinitesimal kind of hand puppetry. With a seemingly simple manipulation of digits,hands, arms, legs and even feet and toes, they bring to life exotic,alienlie creatures and tell gentle, cartoonlike stories graced with miniature poetry and truth.  – Sid Smith, Chicago Arts Critic


“The most impressive show in the Hong Kong Arts Festival…imaginative ideas that cheer all children up, yet intrigue mature audiences…lovely and magical.”


“Now and then something wonderful comes along just when you think nothing new can happen. Such a new wonder is Hugo & Ines.”                   Allelu Kurten, National Festival Puppeteers of America, S. Francisco


The duet Hugo & Ines opened the National Puppets Festival with an amazing show, Ginocchio, in which the undeniable vistuosity of a corporal domain near to the incredible is always the precise instrument, without excesses, in order to give life to lively characters that summon to the laugh, the emotion and even to the deep reflection. – Juan Garf, Clarín Teatro Crítica – Buenos Aires.


“Supremely skilled performers…one of the most innovative puppet show you’ll find anywhere.” Toronto Star Theater Critic.


“Suarez and Pasic are performer-magicians who make the simple sublime. Their art is a blend of puppetry and mime in which the addition of a false no se and shirt transforms an odd body part –a foot, a knee, a hand – into a puppet with a unique personality.”

Robert Hurwitt, Examiner Theater Critic